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ISBN# 1554107911
April 17, 2007
Extasy Books
237 Pages
Science Fiction/Futuristic/Menage a Trois/Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Abby Connor works in a lab helping infertile couples. She is very attracted to her co-worker Jordan, but he believes in and practices polyamory and she is not sure how she feels about that.

Jordan loves Abby but respects her enough not to push when it comes to a relationship. When Abby begins asking questions about polyamory he begins to have hope. Edan is a lawyer and poly activist who falls hard for both Abby and Jordan.

When Abby and Jordan discover that women in America are barren, and what the cause is, they know they have to get the word out. However, with a religious fanatic running the white house, it is not long before Abby and Jordan find themselves running afoul of the new stricter laws. Even Abby who has not in the past been an activist joins Jordan and Edan in their fight for poly rights. With Edan’s help and love, Abby and Jordan work for poly rights, and to tell others what has happened. Will they succeed or will they be silenced by a tyrannical President?

Triple X is a very well thought out book that has a social message, and a love story. While not in any way preachy, Triple X speaks about real social problems, and covers subjects such as how religion affects the state of the union, freedom of speech, and what real love is. I loved the fact that Abby is a real woman, not skinny, but voluptuous. I savored reading about how this triad worked out their relationship, and got to know each other. Ms. June did a great job of presenting what a “real” polyamory relationship might look like. The love between these three made this book one in a million! I look forward to Ms. June’s next book with great anticipation!

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