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ISBN #: 0-7582-1745-5
September 2007
Kensington Books
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Renee is a successful writer of erotic fiction and married to a successful businessman who does not satisfy her in bed. She has a series of affairs and is more and more unhappy with her home life.

Danielle is a single mother of a promiscuous and lying teenage daughter. She also is a magnet for good-looking losers who take advantage of her.

Kayla is in a long term and increasingly more abusive relationship with a married preacher. When she discovers that she is not his only mistress, she tries to leave, which only escalates the violence.

Three long time friends share their joys and sorrows and stand by each other in crisis. When one of the three is charged with murder, the other two do all in their power to exonerate her.

The story of these three women is pretty involving; they have the most complicated love lives ever. They are not particularly likeable women at times; each can be incredibly selfish. Renee, in particular, is very hard to like, but she sticks up for her friends without question. The dialogue is very slangy and can be hard for most readers to understand. This novel is definitely geared for the African-American market and may not appeal to others, but the story is good and the ending a bit thought provoking.

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