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ISBN: 978-0-06-157906-6
March 2009
Avon Books, An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
345 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Being considered a shameless gold-digger barely fazes Faith Duffy. She learned a long time ago that pride does very little to fill your belly and put a roof over your head.

Nothing and no one is going to stand in Ty Savage’s way of winning the Stanley Cup, especially not some Playboy centerfold with dollar signs in her eyes. The Chinooks are the best chance he has to get his name on that silver cup, and as captain of the team, it is his job to get them there.

Despite what anyone thinks, Faith is devastated by the death of her husband Virgil Duffy. He may have been more than fifty years her senior, but he was her protector, best friend, and confidant. Now she is on her own, and the heiress of a multi-million dollar hockey team; too bad she knows absolutely nothing about hockey. Ty and the rest of the team are more than a little apprehensive with their new owner, but to Ty, the Widow Duffy becomes much more than just a pretty face.

Going into this story, I guess I had the same preconceived feelings for Faith that most people would experience. She is young, beautiful, and now filthy rich; why should we feel sorry for her or even care that she is lonely, but Rachel Gibson puts you right in your place. There is real heart and soul within Faith’s character, and you find that loving her is easily accomplished. Ty is tough as nails on the ice, but when it comes to Faith, he melts like a snowball for Miss July.

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