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ISBN# 978-1-60592-019-1
February 24, 2009
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
64 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Grace Solomon was once a great ballerina until a fatal car accident left her crippled. She hopes for a cure to be herself again. Then Jaron walks into her life, bringing promise.

Jaron Conrad is popular with the ballet circuit. He always hands out flowers to the performers, but only one young lady always captured his heart and that is Grace.

Grace hates being a cripple in public. She wants no pity, or people watching to see if she will be clumsy. As a ballerina, she had excellent balance, until the accident left her with a scar. No longer able to perform, she attends the showings. Another reason for going to the shows is Jaron, whom she fantasies over. She knows he will never desire a cripple. Jaron admires Grace’s courage and has always cherished her from afar. He is a centuries old vampire, but feels if Grace knows his secret she will think him a monster. As his sexual thoughts are monopolized by her, he finds a way to be with the woman he loves. Can Grace find the cure she so desperately needs so she can always be with Jaron?

I fell in love with Tuesday’s Child: Grace. I could share in Graces’ feelings as she ponders on the fact that no one, especially Jaron, will want her as a cripple. My heart went out to her. The sensations between Grace and Jaron are so lovely, especially when he is near her. Wow, I love their romance. Mina Carter tells a phenomenal tale that allows this reader to share in the couple’s passion, their hopes and dreams. She writes a story that allows Grace and Jaron to grow on this reader. They are believable characters in all their leisure dates and situations. This refreshing and delightful read captured this reader’s heart.

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