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ISBN#: 9780373066469
August 2008
Avon Inspire/Harper Collins
10 East 53rd Street New York, NY 10022-5299
Trade Paperback
$12.95 US/$13.95 Canada
288 Pages
Rating 4 Cups

Willow Madison is a very strong woman. She and her friends, Copper and Audrey, used to teach school in neighboring towns, but the war set in and they had to fight just to stay alive. Now the war is over and Willow has nothing left so she agrees to her uncle's proposal of wooing the town's wealthy bachelor who is looking for a wife. She does not love him, but she needs to provide for her uncle and friends.

Tucker Gray has just met the most ornery, bull-headed woman in his life. She managed to destroy his business quicker than it took him to rebuild after the war. Now what can he do, he has no money left and the town needs the mill? And why can he not get this infernal woman out of his mind? Why does he care what she thinks or does? Because, he is falling in love with her.

Willow is determined to do the right thing, even if she must be in a loveless marriage to do so. She cannot take care of her friends and her uncle without Silas' money. Only Tucker has somehow managed to plant doubts in her head about whether she can live her life that way. Tucker begins to realize he does not want Willow to marry for money, he wants her to marry for love and he wants her to love him.

What a story I found this to be! Funny, smart, and snappy dialogue will have you latched onto this book until the end. What a joy this was to read. I have heard Ms. Copeland's books were ones to read; yet I am sorry to say I had not read any. Now I can honestly say that statement is true. The characters, the plot, the flow, all of it just blends so well. I am now hooked and will be purchasing Ms. Copeland's books, especially the next in this series!

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