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ISBN# 978-0-06-123147-6
August 2007
Avon Books
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
2 Novellas : 1 Historical, 1 Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

A Diamond or Forever

Evangeline Munroe thinks she knows exactly what kind of man she should marry. Her mother has made sure that she follows her ideas on the subject. Her Aunt Rachel’s cursed diamond has nothing to do with the disruption of those plans, or does it?

Connall Addison, Marquis of Rawley has no intention of getting married at the moment. His focus is on getting valuable works of art out of France before either Napoleon sells them for ammunition or Wellington destroys them. A carriage accident and a feisty female change all of those plans.

The Nightshade Diamond is reputed to cause bad luck to those who touch it and good luck to those who put it away. A young woman in her first season finds that it disrupts all of her plans to marry a malleable man and throws her in the path of a dashing lord who makes her heart beat faster.

I love Ms. Enoch’s historicals and this one is no exception. Connall and Gilly are an unlikely couple at first. Connall is a dashing rake who just lost his mistress to a friend and Gilly is a young miss in her first season. Her overbearing mother wants to turn her into a clone of herself, and Connall sees something more in her that makes him pursue her rather determinedly. The two suitors her mother has picked out are no competition for the dashing marquis. Lady Munroe is not the most likeable character, but her husband explains the reason why and also the reason he is the way he is. The love story between the two main characters is sensual and engrossing with some humor thrown in also.

Diamonds are Not a Girl’s Best Friend

Samantha Jellicoe is a retired cat burglar turned security specialist. She loves and lives with Richard Addison, billionaire businessman and Marquis of Rawley. The traveling exhibit of famous jewels at Rick’s estate’s old stables could either make or break her reputation. The discovery of a cursed diamond in the building adds to her unease.

Rick Addison loves Sam and is happy to lend his estate to further her new business. Parts of her past are still a mystery to him, like the handsome photographer who shows up at the press preview of the exhibit. The discovery of the cursed Nightshade Diamond makes the superstitious Samantha very nervous, but he does not believe in curses.

Someone from Sam’s past threatens her future, both with Rick and as a security specialist. Bryce Shepherd sees both the exhibit and Sam as an irresistible challenge. Sam is determined to prove herself to both men, but an Inspector from Scotland Yard is also trying to make his reputation on the exhibit. Who will be cursed by the Nightshade Diamond’s famous bad luck?

This is a very exciting and suspenseful tale. The unlikely coupling of a cat burglar and a millionaire is done very well here. After all a successful billionaire businessman is every bit as ruthless as the most successful burglar, and the passion between the two only seems to get stronger with time. Both Rick and Sam are strong vivid characters. Bryce is well done also, though no one will ever imagine Sam giving Rick up for him. Inspector Larson is very annoying and seems to serve no purpose in exhibition, but the real story is in the interaction between Rick and Sam and, of course, the diamond.

I enjoyed both of these novellas. Each will appeal to fans of Ms. Enoch’s work. I have not read any of the Sam and Rick books yet, but definitely will now. I have always loved her historical romances and this is no exception. Both have very strong love stories with charismatic characters that will appeal to most readers.

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