ISBN# 1-7599-4062-2
Released January 2006
Hard Shell Word Factory/ Fictionwise
207 pages

First we meet Danny Calloway, a young boy who happens upon the worst thing any child
should see his sister’s brutal rape and murder.  We are transfixed as the trial for it
begins and a family has to relive its worst memory.  A boy is jailed, but not long enough
for Danny.  He sets his life goal to destroy the one who destroyed his sister.  He throws
himself into his love for basketball.  His fury is fuel for a great talent.  Just as his life
begins beyond his sister’s murder, tragedy strikes again.

Deciding he is better off alone, he swears not to get close to anyone for too long so they
cannot stop him from completing his task of destroying the man who murdered his
sister.  Sometimes life happens and we are not aware and the love of a good woman
and her family make him realize that two wrongs do not make things right.  He lives his
life to the fullest, but time after time is dealt the short end of the stick.  Will Danny finally
have true happiness or will evil take it away again?

Kevin Green is a man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Because of
something he said and his different demeanor, he falls prey to a jury set into motion
because of Danny.  He spends the next 9 years in prison plotting revenge for being
wronged.  As inmates he befriends are released, things start in motion for his plan to
destroy Danny’s world like Danny destroyed his. He would make sure Danny suffers the
way he did rotting in prison.  A turn of events leaves him vindicated, but still fueled with
revenge.  Will this evil soul finally be avenged?

Two wrongs never make it right is the theme through out this action packed book. You
feel the pain and anger Danny Calloway experiences both self induced and inflicted by
others. You cannot help but be drawn into this world of revenge and loss. You can feel
the cold heartedness of Kevin as he becomes a man in prison. It is a page turner that I
give 4 cups of great suspense.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books