ISBN# 1-58608-370-8
February 2005
New Concepts Publishing
Price $3.99

Ry needs a good stallion to win a race.  He has a duty to protect his people especially
his beautiful sister.  If he can win the race, then his people can be the first among the
Clans.  His sister will be protected from any man wishing to capture her and brand her
as a slave or wife.

When Ry claims Sahra for his wife, in order to gain custody of Dadga, her beloved
horse; he has no idea love for her will fill his heart.  No matter how his heart spills for the
woman he has now branded as his, his first responsibility is to family.  He has a depth of
love for his people that sometimes outweighs anything else.  It will take the sincere love
of a beautiful woman to make him see he can have both, if only he will open his heart.

Sahra does not wish to give up her beloved unicorn she has raised since she was a
child, so she refuses to give Ry the opportunity to take Dadga.  She has a natural way
with animals and they listen to her commands.  When Ry brands her as his wife, she is
furious, yet tempted by the moment as she begins to feel love for him.  When she puts
her trust in him and he betrays her, she feels she can never trust him again.

The book is an easy read and really a delight.  I enjoyed the encounter between Sahra
and  Ry’s sister, Raya, when she wanted to pet Sahra’s unicorn.  The connection they
made allowed Sahra to understand the sacrifice he was willing to make to save his
people.  This book made my heart swell and the ending brought a tear to my eye.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance