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  The Acro Series

Book 1 - Riding the Storm

Book 2 - Unleashing the Storm

Book 3 - Seduced by the Storm

Book 4 - Taming the Fire

Book 5 - Tempting the Fire

ISBN# 978-0-385-34081-6
March 26, 2008
Bantam Dell
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
Trade Paperback
336 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Kira Donovan can communicate with animals. She has been on the run from the law and is now living and working at an isolated farm. Every spring she goes into heat and must have sex.

Tom Knight, an agent for ACRO, Agency for Covert Rare Operatives, has been sent to bring Kira in before their rival, the evil Itor, gets to her. Tom’s mission is clear, either bring Kira in willingly or kill her.

From the moment Tom enters Kira’s life, they face one danger after another. Not only are they running from the bad guys, but they are constantly stopping to sate Kira's sexual needs. Tom and Kira are determined not to fall in love with one another. Besides, Tom may have to be the one to end her life.

Unleashing the Storm is a very intense novel. It is fast-paced and the story itself is interesting. Unfortunately the constant sex detracts from the total experience. The characters are unique in their abilities and we are also given glimpses into the lives of other ACRO agents which works well in adding to the tale. The paranormal element and the ACRO agency make this an exciting read.

Caution: This title contains graphic sex, including homosexual sex, as well as explicit language.

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