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ISBN# 978-1-60394-125-9
January 2008
New Concepts Publishing
154 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Nancy Appleby is searching for a campus rapist. Masquerading as a co-ed and using her grandmother’s maiden name, Crane, she enrolls in Blackthorne College. It is her duty to catch the culprit.

Professor Matt Bayfield does not have time for fantasies. He wishes to work in a research university where there will be doctoral students then he meets Nancy who entices him immensely.

A serial rapist has attacked four victims at Blackthorne College and for two weeks Nancy still has not apprehended the creep. She wonders why there were no rapes in June or July. Then there is Professor Bayfield who seems to come off a bit frosty at times. He hides behind a dark veil and she is eager to learn about him. Nancy especially wants to know about the victims that were part of his class. Not only had they frequented the same bar but also attended the Celtic culture lecture series. The more she digs, she gets nowhere. Matt does not get involved with students but Nancy intrigues him. He dabbles in his own investigation and learns she is no student. As they become familiar with each other, Nancy wonders can he be trusted. And how will Matt feel if he suspects she does not trust him?

Unmasking is an intriguing, action-packed thrilling ride with twists and turns around each corner. The chemistry between Nancy and Matt is quite exciting. I loved how they connected with each other as a bit of mystery between them is played within the storyline. Amanda Burns spins all the right elements with suspense, romance and a great plot to keep this reader mesmerized in the pages. She knows how to keep one entertained when trying to figure how who is responsible for the dastardly acts.

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