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ISBN#: 978-1-897560-05-1
September 2008
Blade Publishing
119 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rhys Eckhart is well-known in his small down of Jasper’s Mill. Exceptionally handsome, he has a way with the ladies, but since his failed marriage, is not able to commit to any one woman.

Harlee Cristen visits Jasper’s Mill with her fiancé, Justin, to meet his family. Coming from Las Vegas, she is not used to small town life, but makes the best of it for Justin. When she meets his brother, she does not know what comes over her, but knows that if she wants to marry Justin, she is going to have to steer clear of Rhys Eckhart.

When Rhys sees Harlee, he knows that she is the one he has been dreaming of for years. Unfortunately, she is engaged to his brother. As much as the two try to stay apart, the attraction is undeniable. The two must battle their own personal demons in order to make some tough decisions. Harlee loves Justin, but knows he is not her soul mate. Rhys has a deep dark secret from the past for which he must forgive himself before he can learn to love and trust anyone.

Untamable is a wonderful read. The characters easily come to life through their words and emotions. The tension between Harlee and Rhys is outstanding and really draws the reader in. I could sympathize with the difficult decisions facing Rhys and Harlee and truly wished for a happy ending. I really enjoyed the cross-country road trip that the two take and the conversations that bring them closer. Ms. Lucas has written a fun novel packed with attraction, love, and playful flirting between two awesome characters.

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