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ISBN: 0809557819
August 2007
Juno Books
9710 Traville Gateway Dr., #234 Rockville, MD 20850
Paperback/ E-book
224 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Amshazar was fully trained in the arts of sorcery. He had used his skills to tutor the new magi but was now ready for his true calling. He was being called upon to intervene in a conflict in the exotic lands.

Empress Elishiba of Aleem took her responsibility for her people very seriously. So much so that she was giving up her freedom to wed the emperor of Karseedia in order to negotiate a treaty.

Elishiba was very uneasy about moving to Karseedia and rightfully so. The Empress Mehmet of Karseedia was not to be trusted. The only person to give Elishiba hope to succeed was Amshazar. He had come along to escort her to Karseedia, and Elishiba sensed a great power and kindness in him. Their mutual attraction soon brought them together and allowed Elishiba insight to her innate power. Amshazar could light the way but it would be up to Elishiba to embrace her power. The risks were great and Elishiba would be forced to make the most painful decision of her life.

This story was filled with beautiful imagery and powerful characters. The author is very adept at making you detest the evil characters as well as fall in love with the main characters. Elishiba and Amshazar are very noble and strong. They also come across realistically. The characters Mehmet and Sibias are well developed and perfectly evil. This is a truly fantastic tale of magic, and the struggle for power and love in all of its various forms.

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