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ISBN# Paperback-(10)0-06-072426-9/(13)978-0-06-072426-9 E-book-(10)0-06-143875-8/(13)978-0-06-143875-2 Hardcover-(10)0-06-072424-2/(13)978-0-06-072424-5
April 29, 2008
Harper (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Honey Deal was born in Germany but raised in Harlan County, Kentucky. She had no idea why she bothered marrying the German, Walter Scheon, especially when he was a bit of a bore, even down to their love-making.

U.S. Marshall Carlos Huntington Webster is trying to locate a man named Otto, along with an SS guy. One thing about Carl, he will go after the Krauts even if it means a leave of absence with no pay.

Honey cannot believe Walter spent weeks, every Sunday, during the entire Mass, studying her golden hair. He came to the States when he was but a lad of fourteen. It was then his father opened a meat market, taught Walter the business, and turned the lad into a butcher. After Honey and Walter marry, it is not long before she leaves. For one, he always turns the lights off before they become intimate, not wishing to show his bony body, and Honey did not like how he still behaved like a Nazi. Carl goes after bad guys. He is on a hunt for two German POWs that fled an Oklahoma internment camp. His wife, Louly works in the Women’s Marines, teaching recruits how to fire a machine gun, and at times he feels they are in competition with the other. When his investigation leads him to Honey’s ex, Walter, Honey is fun to be around and even a bit flirty but he does not plan on committing adultery. She is a free spirit with bedroom eyes, but he refuses to go astray. He only wants answers from Walter, but something tells him he and Honey may end up in an even greater mess.

Up In Honey’s Room is a read that still lingers in my head. I simply adore the character of Honey and when she speaks of her marriage to Walter, there were times my jaw dropped with some of the things he did. The dialogue between Honey and Carl, as well as the secondary players, who are quite well-developed, is creative, even mixed with some wit. Elmore Leonard pens a read that I found hard to put down. There were some moments just too precious to forget. I thought this story was quite entertaining and most gratifying to say the least.

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