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ISBN: unavailable
August 2007
Aphrodite’s Apple Press
421 Pages
Fantasy / Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alaina is getting ready to take the most important trip of her life. She has traveled the world on business, but this time it is very personal. Her trip to Svalbard will be the first step in getting to know her heritage.

Rolf of Heimdal is the head of the Heimdal hotel empire. His family’s legacy is his life’s work and he is not about to allow it to crumble. His father’s guilty conscience had put their business in jeopardy and he is ready to put an end to it.

Alaina arrived in Svalbard with great hopes of finding out about her mother. Her fist impression of the land was one of awe, but the locals left her feeling very uneasy. Rolf looked like a Nordic god but he scared her as much as he aroused her. His lies confused her and she needed to find out what was behind it before she could tell him her true identity. Rolf tried to get Alaina to leave but to no avail. She was determined to stay and he was determined to have her. She made him crazy with wanting her, but when the truth came out it was devastating. Could they ever have the love they so desperately wanted or would they be forced into a life of tortured looks and unrequited feelings?

This story is set in a country so lovingly described you can almost smell the flowers. Alaina is determined and spunky, but also a little naïve. Her character is at one moment a femme fatale and the next prim and proper. Rolf comes off as overbearing and rude, but with his responsibilities it is understandable. Opposites attract and these two are good examples however I felt their conversations were not very natural. The scenic imagery is amazing and really carries the story.

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