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ISBN#: 978-0-9821431-0-0
September 2008
Mystic Moon Press
15 Cerro Del Alamo, Santa Fe, NM 87507
E-Book and Paperback
$6.99 E-Book and Paperback $15.99
439 Pages
Dark Fantasy, Vampire, Romance, Action
Rating: 4 Cups

Joby Masterson had no idea his date, Penelope, would bite his neck or that it would bring another woman into the picture to cause a bit of mayhem. Taking Nat to his hotel, he hopes to find answers but is shocked with the results.

Natya Montare, daughter of High Lord Grosef Montare, is a princess and powerful in her vampire clan. Heir to the clan, and his only daughter, she is on a mission. She does not care for Joby’s questions and wishes he would not touch her sword.

Nat knows Penelope Corala bit Joby on the neck, and that she is a vampire. Joby believes no such thing. She is not on drugs, and neither a liar nor delusional. Nat informs him that she is not going to eat him, or suck him dry, when she explains she is a vampire, too. After hearing about a virus for vampires, equivalent to HIV, Joby has heard enough. The more he tries to stay away; he is back by her side. With the chance of a plague, Joby helps Nat, not realizing how risky the situation.

J.R. Mitchell carries the reader into a well-developed plot with diverse characters that create a stirring read in Vampire Clans. She blends in all the right elements to make this story not only intriguing but explosive. Joby and Nat are fascinating characters. Their conversation sparks interest that draws the reader into the center of the action with the Clans. I like the way she sketches Nat’s father, Grosef, who will do anything to protect his only daughter. The writing flows at a good pace, with some eye-opening scenes with the clans. If you want to read a vampire story and be swept away by intrigue, action and deep emotion, look no further, this one has everything to keep one hooked.

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