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ISBN# (10): 0-373-29526-X/ (13): 978-0-373-29526-5
December 2008
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
278 Pages
Romance (Harlequin Historical)
Rating: 4 Cups

Sela, Bose the Dark’s daughter, can handle a sword as well, if not better, than any man, and will do what it takes to defend her ailing father and son. Handling the emotions, in her heart, is difficult when she once again meets the man who stole it years before.

Vikar Hrutson, Jaarl and leader of the invasion against Bose, has no idea he is about to face the wife who walked away from him. He knows her as Bose the Dark’s daughter and once they meet again, he learns she is no longer the girl from four years ago.

Vikar leads the invading force when he gets ready to attack Bose, only to find him gone, and his daughter, Sela, left behind. Sela is more than surprised when she comes up against Vikar. It has been years since she walked away from him, carrying a secret he never knew. She questions why he never searched for her, and he wonders why she never tried to contact him again. It was a failed communication in their marriage. He intends to become her protector as he makes her his concubine. Their love is strong, if only they will stop being so stubborn. When Vikar learns about his son, Kjartan, will he believe Sela, or take the child and leave. Sela is a proud woman who will do anything for her father and son, but will she allow Vikar to be a part of it?

Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife has all the greatness that surrounds an excellent read. The dynamic characters really light up the pages with their actions and emotions – reaching out and grabbing the reader, pulling them into the drama. Michelle Styles pens a terrific mesmerizing tale. Sela is a powerful character who grows more forceful as the story continues. With great pacing, a star-studded cast, and well-crafted plot, this story is awesome. There were times I could visualize the whole events as they came into play, especially the scenes with Sela and Vikar. Weaving in the ailing father, and the small child, really made this story dynamite. Action-packed, with intriguing romance, and energy charged moments, left this reader wanting more of this dazzling read.

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