ISBN: 1-4137-5249-7
April 2005
Publish America
Price $16.95
154 Pages
Young Adult/Fiction

Karen and Jenny are good friends.  When Jenny starts talking to someone on the
Internet and decides to meet up with him, Karen is not too happy.  How can Jenny go off
with someone she knows nothing about?  The guy could be dangerous.  She suggests
getting him to come and meet her parents, but Jenny says no and asks Karen to just
understand.  Then Jenny is never heard from.

Virtual Law is a very excellent book read.  It takes the reader into the reality of the
Internet, the inherent dangers of the chat room and talking to men who stalk young
women and prey on them.  H. R. Seher gives the reader a chance to feel what friends
are experiencing by losing a loved one, not to mention what it does to families when a
child is missing.  The characters practically jumped from the pages when the parents
had to learn of their daughter’s disappearance, which pushed the parents into a slight
separation.  This only made the story more real.

I like the way the author brought the husband and wife back together.  The words were
tender and touched the heart.  I liked the way the characters pulled together during a
crisis.  The author had all the characters feeling guilt and that they were responsible for
Jenny’s leaving, yet it was obvious that no matter how any one felt, Jenny made a bad
choice and left on her own free will.  This was a mistake which, unfortunately, costs her
her life.  One never knows what it does to the family members when a loved one is
missing.  H. R. Seher had a way of expressing how a family really experiences such
sorrow.  The author has written an exceptional book that everyone should read,
especially impressionable young girls.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance