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ISBN# (13) 9781897445532
December 2008
Champagne Books
$6.00 USD
289 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Richard Pinn and Jamie Brinwall were discovered on an alien world named Me’Auk. Raised as human from alien embryos kept alive in cryogenic storage, the reason for their existence is a mystery. All that changes when Richard returns to the ruins of the alien city where he and Jaime were found.

Rick and Jamie have never gotten along. Despite a history of barely understood empathic awareness, the only thing that Rick and Jaime share is a mutual dislike of each other’s company. Rick can sense Jamie’s presence when he is nearby and can also sense where she has been, but that only seems to drive them further apart.

Unlike Rick, who became an archaeologist to learn more about his Me’Auk history, Jamie wants nothing more than to put her past behind her. Adopted into a human family, she struggles to find her place as something more than a political convenience for her ambitious father.

Waiting Weapon is an intriguing novel that seamlessly blends science fiction and romance into a solid story, and the author has done an excellent job of character development. The emotional push and pull that Rick and Jamie experience when they are together highlights both their alien nature as well as their humanity. The other characters are also well developed and really help keep the story moving. The use of nano tech is one of the most novel and interesting that I have seen; in addition, the plight of the alien Me’Auk is convincingly told and really gives the novel an extra dimension. Unfortunately I found that the back story and rationale for Rick and Jamie’s existence wasn’t as convincing and this diluted the impact of the story. Despite this flaw, Waiting Weapon is still a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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