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ISBN#: 9781419913891
April 17, 2008
Cerridwen Press
219 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Anna Tietjens is a tour guide for Wanderlust Adventures. Her love for travel and the need to strike out on her own makes her job a perfect fit. She guides a group of tourists for several weeks on a tour across India.

Sebastian Brady is on holiday. His only mission is to spend some quality time with Anna. He wants her in his life on a more permanent basis; he misses her. They have had a very casual relationship, but seeing each other only a few times a year is no longer enough.

Anna loves her job, but this particular tour is going to kill her. The passengers go from bed hopping to bickering in the blink of an eye, and now her sister is joining the group. They have never been close, and over the years, their parent’s marital problems only acerbated the tension between them. Now Sebastian shows up. He is her part-time lover, but with him joining the tour, she can tell he wants more. He really is everything she could ever want in a man, but after dealing with her parents, the thought of marriage or even a real relationship leaves her cold. The tour goes from bad to worse, with her co-driver getting sick, stolen items from the truck, and now her passengers showing up dead. Sebastian turns out to be the only good thing about the trip, and she cannot even enjoy that. She feels that giving in and accepting his help proves that she is incapable of handling her job. Sebastian puts his heart on the line; he can only hope that Anna does not throw it back in his face.

Let me start by saying that if not for Anna, this story would be a 4. The plot is fantastic, a real whodunit, and the identity of the murder unknown right up until the end. I just could not get past my dislike for Anna. She runs hot and cold throughout the whole story, and her constant need for “independence” comes off as selfish and snarky. I really like Sebastian; he never wavers in his support of Anna, even when she pushes him away time and again. Shelley Munro is an extremely talented writer, and I will not hesitate to read more of her work.

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