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ISBN#: (10)0821722769/(13)9780758222769
August 2008
Kensington Publishing Company, 850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
$14.00 U.S./$16.95 Canada
272 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marko Taruskin, a descendant of Russian wolves, sets his gaze upon the intoxicating Severin and immediately falls in love. The lovely lady bewitches him. One look her way proves she is anything but demure.

Severin senses that Marko is someone she would like to know better. One dance with him turns to something sensual, but will things bring them closer or apart when circumstances happen beyond her control?

It is said Severin is a mistress of illusion while others insist she is an arbiter of fashion. Her father was an eccentric Englishman while her mother taught her and her sister the art of womanly beauty. Marko is sworn to defend the English crown and lead the Pack of St. James. After Severin and Marko meet, the passion ignites. Marko hopes she will allow further visits to her. The seduction they share is dynamic. Unfortunately, Marko discovers a dead body, changing things within his pack, especially when the dead woman holds a locket carrying the secret emblem of St. James Pack and his kinsmen. Marko calls the pack together to discuss the dead woman. Later, Severin informs Marko how her missing sister was investigating houses of ill-repute. Severin turns to Marko in the search for her sister, while doubts fly within the pack as to who is responsible for the murders of the women. Will it bring Severin and Marko closer together or break them apart?

Wanton: The Pack of St. James unfolds the story of Marko. I love the way the story opens up with Marko getting a glance of Severin. The chemistry comes alive when the two just gaze at each other. They are alluring characters that captivated this reader. Severin shows passion and love for Marko that just sweeps through the pages. Her emotions and sensations for her sister really pierce the heart at times. She is compassionate and I love her character. I love Marko's oozing male persona. Noelle Mack weaves a riveting tale that gets better with each turn of the page. Hot, provocative, mysterious and downright enthralling, this story has it all. Ms. Mack is an excellent storyteller. She leaves the reader completely satisfied.

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