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ISBN# 0980219760
March 2008
Artic Wolf Publishing
125 Foxfield Way Suite 4 Box 340 Pooler, Georgia 31322
236 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Rhillai has no High King. Nine dukes vie for the seat on the throne. Alisandra, a powerful mage, is tired of the fight and decides she will take the power by placing her own easy to control puppet as High King.

In her quest for the throne Alisandra unknowingly opens the gate between two worlds and allows an alien race entrance. Alliances against this new enemy will be built from unlikely allies.

Those that once shunned each other will come together and forge a united front. Rhillai stands on the threshold of world domination and will have to fight a war to keep their way of life.

Mark A. Murray writes an exceptional story with much imagination. He takes each race, once enemies, and shows the reader a reason to like them for themselves. It is only later the reader comes to understand that these races that once shunned each other are destined to become allies. The reader sympathizes with each race and hopes they find the way to lay down their differences and become a united front to save their world. The author's depiction of Rhillai and its inhabitants are stunning and easy to visualize from his words alone. I especially like the character Gryam and how he appears to be tough but has a soft side for his apprentice. This book is only the beginning of the story and I look forward to the rest of the tale.

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