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ISBN# 978-0-8217-8050-6
September 4, 2007
Zebra Books (Kensington)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
177 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lord David Reece has been referred as a most disreputable rogue. Nothing would please him more than to be a fine figure of society, honorable and a bona fide gentleman. David knows by overseeing his brother’s estate, he will make an honorable impression. He wishes to show Marcus he can be respectable. Marcus believes his brother has indeed changed and leaves him to care for his estate and business affairs for the next three months, while he is abroad.

Vivian Beecham knows the life of being a thief. Stealing had become survival for her and her brother, Simon. They have developed quite a scheme; Vivian plays the role of a poor widow on a stage while her borther comes alongside and robs the passengers. Everything was going well until they robbed one certain gentleman of his signet ring.

After David has to return to London for a day, he must take a public stage. David is unaccustomed to such a ride on the stage, but the beautiful woman sitting near him, strikes a fancy in his heart. Stealing David's ring could mean the end of their scheme, especially when trying to sell it to a pawnbroker. Her best laid plans end up landing her with David who intends to keep her with him at the estate. Vivian puts up quite a fit insisting on calling authorities. David is all for it, since he has his own robbery story to tell. He could care less what she plans to do, he intends on keeping her until he finds the whereabouts of his ring, then she can go pilfer as she did before. Neither figured their fighting and bickering, would cast a strong attraction over their tough hearts, with so much to gain.

What a Rogue Desires takes flight from the start and soars through every page. The way David wishes to change his life is most commendable. I could tell he was sincere in his actions. Vivian is feisty and vivacious and desires a good life for her and her dear brother. The minute she and David are in close quarters, sparks fly, and one wonders who will end up killing who first. The spunky dialogue is top-notch. Bravo to Caroline Linden for creating irresistible, charming personalities that leap out at the reader with a sexual energy that sizzles with passion. The secondary characters give great depth to the storyline. The reader gets a feel for the landscape, the countryside, and the remarkable people. Ms. Linden is a talented author who knows how to captivate the reader in this extraordinary tale.

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