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ISBN# (10): 1420104756 / (13): 978-0420104752
December 2008
Kensington Zebra Debut (Kensington Publishing Corp.)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Will Scarlet is not fond of any trees, especially the Sherwood Forest. As the nephew of Robin of Loxley, Robin Hood, he is a skillful swordsman. While in the woods, he hears a woman scream and goes to her rescue, only to discover, she hardly needs his help.

Meg of Keyworth is blind due to an illness but that does not stop her from pursing anything in life. Her sister, Ada, has been imprisoned by Will and Meg is on a mission to free her. She tries to hate the man who locked her sister away, but it only fuels more desire to be in his arms.

Will quickly learns he has imprisoned the wrong sister. Meg's sister, Ada, was imprisoned for selling counterfeit emeralds to a merchant at the Nottingham market. After the truth comes out the wrong sister has been arrested, Meg becomes a wanted woman. Will admires Meg's strength to stand her ground. She has a way to make him practically go weak in the knees. With the obstacles facing them, with trying to keep Meg safe, and remove Ada from the prison, both face an arduous journey before they discover where their true loyalty lies.

What a Scoundrel Wants is a fast-flowing read from beginning to end. I immediately fell in love with Meg. I love her tenacity, and strong will, to not allow anyone to keep her down. Carrie Lofty creates a heroine that is awe perfection. I wanted to cheer every time Meg stood up to Will, while in the back of her mind she almost melts with his touch, even though she fights to deny her feelings. Will reminds me of a huge bear that begins to soften quickly after being with Meg. He is indeed a true hero. The way she sketches this couple is brilliant, and their romance is warm, and captivating. I liked Ada as well when she often saw herself in Meg's shoes. Ms. Lofty pens a moving tale of strength, duty, love, and passion that is a gigantic hit in my book. I am looking forward to the next book.

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