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ISBN# (10) 0-8212-5718-8 and (13) 978-0-8212-5718-0
October 2006
Bullfinch Press
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$35.00 U.S./$46.00 Canada
368 Pages
Wine and Spirits
Rating: 5 Cups

Whether sitting down to share a meal or just sinking your teeth into some fondue and fruit, one normally seeks to have the right drink to go along with any serving of food. The way a person sets a table to the food preparation has a way of making the meal spectacular. So whether preparing a delicious snack or feast, stocking the cellar or kitchen, one can always find recommendations even from the finest of restaurant personnel that can make a meal a treasure.

Anywhere from cheese, bread, and salad; to fish, red meat, and poultry, one usually has something to drink along with the food. What to Drink with What You Eat has a huge list of recommended beverages at mealtime. The pairing of food with even certain waters, wines, down to the right tea, coffee, or other beverage, to the glassware making the table setting the absolute best, is all showcased in this magnificent book. This exceptional in-depth survey lists over 1500 entries from renowned restaurants with many suggestions as what to share with any meal. Loaded with great advice and enriching detail, there are so many beverages to choose from that are often not even considered.

What to Drink with what you Eat is a splendor of a book that is unique in every way. With the authors' expertise knowledge of food and beverages, the reader learns a wide scope of contents that is quite fascinating. With some great chefs and professional drink experts, this is a rich chronicle of ways to make the dinner more pleasurable. Dining should be enjoyable, whether outside the home, or even right in one’s own home. I could almost taste the melon puree that is mentioned by adding to the splashing sparkling water. The delightful pages of pictures really make the reader feel as if they are in the center of these great restaurants and almost look real.

Mr. Dornenburg and Ms. Page put their heart and soul into the making of this fantastic book. They make just the thought of dining and entertaining fun. The photography is beyond excellent, and the way each subject is detailed with the polished pages is superb. It is an extraordinary book with so many insights with What to Drink with What you Eat that I had to read over it more than once. This book would make a great addition to any library, as well as a great present for those hard to buy gifts. The perfect match to compliment any meal, and two delightful authors who really express it all in this distinguished book that this reader cannot say enough about, and am glad that I was able to review, and well deserving of 5 cups. Raise a toast to this incredible book that this reader found completely satisfying.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books