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ISBN#: 9781604351293
Feb 28, 2008
Red Rose Publishing
114 Pages
MC/IR, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Chris has had enough of men. She has just come out of an abusive relationship, and now, when it comes to males, she has decided to go for a "no strings attached" attitude. Until she meets Kenneth, that is. He is turning her world upside down with his straightforward approach, as well as slowly melting her heart. As perfect as he seems, however, she cannot commit to him. Chris has too many issues standing in the way.

Kenneth is a no-nonsense guy. When he sees something he wants, he goes after it. What he wants right now is Chris. He fell in love with her at first sight. They belong together. Now, his job is to convince her.

Things are moving fast between Chris and Kenneth. Both are swept off their feet, and enter into an affair so hot it threatens to blow them away. Chris is still battling her insecurities, however, and remains hesitant to commit, or even let herself feel love. Kenneth insists he will prove to her that they belong together.

When Dreams Come True is an exciting book. From the first page, Ms. Cromwell takes the reader to the heart of the story, and holds her there until the end. Kenneth is an eccentric character, and at first I was unsure whether to hate him or find him refreshing, because he is so very frank and direct. Chris, for her part, is a strong woman, and perfect for Kenneth, even if it takes her a while to discover it for herself. These two make a great couple. Ms. Cromwell convinces us that love can happen swiftly and sincerely. Her book, "When Dreams Come True", is certainly worth a read.

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