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Tommi Poag Mysteries

Book 1: A Stroke of Misfortune
Book 2: When Push Comes to Death
Book 3: Death on Disaster Day
Book 4: Death at Play

ISBN #(10)0373266553/(13)9780373266555
November 2008
A Worldwide Mystery/Alabaster Publishing
$5.99 US/ $6.99 CAN
252 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Tommi Poag has recently been divorced and now works for an insurance company. She is living quite a dull existence until she receives a phone call from her ex- reporting the death of the husband of her new friend, Nina Sellars.

Nina Sellars had always tolerated her husband’s cheating ways; she just could not seem to leave him. Recently she believed that her marriage was back on track, and they could fix it. Then the accident happened, and now the police think she killed her husband on purpose.

Facing a murder sentence, Nina calls on her father’s cousin to defend her, which only causes more grief because he and her father have been feuding and no one knows why. Her family and new friend, Tommi, all believe she is innocent and are trying everything they can to find out who did try to kill Cap and Nina.

What an ultimate mystery this is. The author truly keeps you guessing on the outcome of this story till they very end. Many scenarios could have been the answer, but ultimately only one counts, and what an ending it is. I recommend that you get to know this cast of characters yourself. Add When Push Comes to Death to your reading list.

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