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ISBN#: 1-60504-222-6
October 2008
Samhain Publishing
263 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jenny Logan is desperate. She has just lost her job and cannot find a new one. She owes a pimp a large amount of money and he wants her to pay with her body.

Daniel was in a terrible car accident shortly after his fourteenth birthday. He lost his father and his brother and his mother blamed him. He also suffered some serious facial scarring that his mother convinced him he deserved.

Daniel's grandfather is worried about him. The former judge thinks it unnatural that a healthy young man would hide himself away and refuse a surgery that would eliminate his scars. Jenny is the answer to his prayers. A compassionate person desperate for money, he hires her as a companion to Daniel, hoping that they would fall in love, but never expecting the changes in his grandson. But Jenny's past is just lurking around the corner waiting for the end of her assignment and her happiness.

This is a wonderful Christmas story full of love and hope with a lot of suspense too. Daniel and Jenny are both people who have survived less than ideal childhoods and incredible tragedy to become responsible and caring adults. Jenny's situation has degenerated steadily, but she has not lost hope or her compassion for others. That compassion has led her into her present situation. Leo is a pretty hideous villain, not very realistic, but very scary. Prospect Valley seems a combination of every bad neighborhood of every city in America, and its citizens are in pretty dire straits. Again not too realistic but it serves its purpose in this story. The contrast between it and the remote island are enormous. I really liked Jenny and Daniel's love story and the way she shows him that he is more than his scars. The ending is very suspenseful and exciting.

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