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ISBN #1-55410-993-0
eXtasy Books
316 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lydia Celesta was vacationing in Australia. Being a real history buff, she decided to visit the 19th century prison Port Arthur. While walking the ruins of the prison church, Lydia encountered the most unusual man.
One look and she was inexplicably drawn to him like a moth to a moth to a flame.

Samuel Burton Arrinstock was a man condemned to an eternity of loneliness. He had been shipped off to the Port Arthur prison, and died there some three years later after suffering the most heinous torture that no man should endure. But on this day a light had come into his world with the arrival of Lydia.

Lydia was a very pragmatic woman. She believed in what she knew and what she could see. But the man standing before her defied her logic. He was both beautiful and a bit otherworldly. She felt herself pulled to him as if by magic and resisting was not an option. From their very first touch her world shifted on its axis and would never be righted again. Samuel believed that he would forever be damned to a life within the church ruins. Seeing beyond the fog and leaving was never within his grasp until Lydia came into his life. Not touching her and becoming one with her was unimaginable, and the light that shown around her beckoned him like a port in a storm. His whole being suddenly began to evolve as life once again invaded his body. With every stroke of her skin he became more alive and more terrified than ever of losing this feeling. He knew that he would eventually have to tell her who and what he was. He only hoped that the truth would not be more than she could bear, and would at last set him free.

This was so beautifully written, almost poetic. Lydia was infinitely passionate in body and soul. Her inner strength kept her from running scared and made it possible for Samuel to live again. Samuel reveled in Lydia’s touch and encouraged her to think beyond her realm of beliefs. He opened her world to a life of love that only he could give. Lydia and Samuel’s intense feelings for each other transcended time and even death. They entwined their hearts and stepped beyond the confines that had kept Samuel enslaved for over a century. I recommend this to anyone who needs a little passion in their life, and really who does not?

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