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ISBN# 9781593749637
March 2007
Whiskey Creek Press
Not Available
47 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups


Marissa feels guilty for cheating on her husband. The man she picked is no prize either and she has finally realized it.

Brad thinks that no woman could possibly be as smart as he is. When Marissa leaves, the serial adulterer is just a little annoyed.

The Egyptian Room is the scene of vengeance for many an adulterous husband.

This is a rather macabre tale where a thoroughly unlikable man gets the justice he deserves. Marissa comes across as rather weak, but she is redeemable. Brad, on the other hand, looks to become even worse with time. The three beautiful women who help him meet his fate take a lot of joy in their work, not that Brad does not deserve everything that happens to him.

The Annoying Jingle

Joyce has become her husband’s slave, keeping his house exactly the way he likes it, the kids out of his way, and providing his dinner on time. He does not appreciate it one bit.

Mitch has only contempt for his wife and he delights in annoying her, especially by jingling the coins in his pocket.

An inconsiderate and boorish husband is unaware that his power trip is about to end.

This tale seems like it would be every repressed housewife’s dream come true. Mitch is a miserable man with no redeeming qualities and Joyce just cannot take it any more. Her revenge is very appropriate.

The Perfect Seclusion

The woman has been so brow beaten and verbally abused that all she has left are the dreams that she writes in her journals and a daughter who loves her.

The husband thinks only of himself and his comforts. The wife is just a drone to use and abuse.

The woman is so degraded that the author does not even give her a name. The daughter is the only character in this story to be called by her name. The husband certainly does not deserve one.

The resolution of this story is very satisfying. The woman finally grows a spine and provides safety for her daughter.

This is a collection of miserable husbands and the women who get revenge on them. The revenge ranges from violence to confinement to simply leaving for a better life. I have never read about a collection of less attractive men. Brad is a sleaze, Mitch a slug, and the husband in the last story is so vile he really does not deserve a name. They all get what is coming to them and the women in their lives get a lucky escape. The author paints a good picture of each relationship and though the atmosphere is gloomy, it is appropriate to these stories.

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