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August 2008
Hearts on Fire Press
303 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Cassandra Morgan is heading out on a trip that is sure to change her life. She is going with some friends to Whispering Lake, NC for a break from college and such. She only wishes that they could find a way to get Matthew there. Matthew is a ghost that she can see and feel for the past few years; someone she has come to care for deeply. If only he were not a ghost, she would love to be with him.

Matt is the ghost that has been close to Cassandra for the past few years. He has grown to love her and will take any chance he can get to be with her. He does not want her to go on this trip because he senses danger. Cole is one of three brothers that are Cassandra's roommates at the Lake. He has an instant attraction to her and they hit it off very well. This is the first woman in a long time that he has even been remotely interested in, but that hits a snag when a man called Matt shows up at the worst possible time.

With feelings for two men, a friend hell-bent on revenge and a bit dangerous brother, Cassandra is ready to head home. Will she go with her love or alone? With many secrets between the brothers, the friends and the ghosts, only time will tell.

To spare you, the reader, some confusion, I can honestly say do not waste your time reading this book if you are easily get confused. Many statements change throughout the story. I actually felt as confused as Cassandra. I felt the author was never consistent in facts and flipped a lot. On a positive note, it was actually humorous to read and I could not wait to see what absurdity was next. I have never before read anything from this author and was very disappointed in what I read. I am just one opinion and if it tickles your fancy, then by all means splurge and buy.

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