ISBN# 1-59632-107-5
March 2005
Loose Id
Price $5.99
191 Pages
Paranormal Suspense

Cassie is a housekeeper who is a telepath and happens to hear voices.  One voice is
telling her that someone is out to kill the candidate running for President.  She finds
herself asking, “Why me?”  She feels this gift makes her very different from other
people.  Events begin to happen in her life that places her in a dangerous situation.  She
has to turn to someone whom she can trust.  She has no idea that turning to a
handsome man by the name of Wynn will soon turn to love, but it is a love that she is
willing to accept as long as there is no mention of marriage.  Unfortunately, Wynn thinks

Like Cassie, Wynn Harmon is a telepath.  He has no choice but to travel in political
circles.  He has been hired to protect those in office and find the bad guys.  This time,
he has met his match when his beautiful and wise housekeeper starts to hear his
thoughts.  When Cassie’s stepmother sends her to a psychiatrist, this turns out to cause
trouble for them both.  With danger lurking around every corner that could cause their
immediate death, Wynn also faces jeopardy to his heart.  He discovers one peril
standing in front of him, and that is a woman he wishes to spend the rest of his life with.

This book is delightfully enlightening.  I enjoyed the part where Cassie went to visit Emily
and Wynn kicked the door open because he was worried about her and he had no idea
where she was or whether she was hurt.  It allowed the reader to understand the depth of
concern he felt for her life being in danger.

When Wynn asked Cassie to marry him and she could not give him an answer to
commit, I felt his sorrow because he had been through so much in his life and I  wanted
him to finally have complete happiness.  I cheered at the end when he threw her over his
shoulder and carried her out of the room because he was a true gentleman in every
sense of the word.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance