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ISBN#: (10)0-373-61788-7/(13)978-373-61788-3
June 2008
Silhouette Nocturne
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
276 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hellbound Venge Leidolf must start the Wild Hunt. Trust is foreign to him. He should hate his enemy, Geysa, but the longer she is around, things change drastically in his life.

Geysa the Valkyrie is different from any of her warrior sisters. She hates Hellbounds and feels it is time for her to settle the score but did not anticipate on falling under the charm of Venge.

The minute Venge is introduced to Geysa; it is like a boulder hits him. Jora is Geysa’s aunt and she knows they will need the hellbounds to trust them. ErlKing is the hunt, with the hounds being one of their tools. They are searching for a horn, and Jora insists Geysa join the hellbounds to find it. Geysa realizes no hellbound has been a friend. She must watch every step while keeping a shield up. Venge is her enemy but the more she works with him, the closer their hearts entwine with the other. The sudden impact that braces them together draws them into a heated embrace. Geysa is certain someone is using the horn to call them in. Whoever holds the horn has the power to call them in. Geysa and Venge are plunged into a darkness with an enlightening discover, not only with the horn, but their growing feelings toward each other. How can powerful enemies find themselves becoming better friends than foes while searching drastically for the horn?

Wild Hunt engages the reader with characters that begin as enemies then connect like hot wires. Geysa has guts and is not afraid to stand on her own. I like how she and Venge learn to trust and give their heart to each other. Their drive is powerful and alive. Their slow blossoming chemistry is pure magic the way they connect. The story not only rivets but hooks the reader from the beginning and never releases until the conclusion in this romantic fantasy. Lori Devoti is an excellent storyteller that transports an outstanding romance onto paper like a lovely portrait being sketched. With a powerful plot, intriguing characters, and a romance that tests time, this is a splendid read.

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