ISBN 0-7582-0875-8
January 2006
850 3rd Ave, NY, NY  10022
Trade Paperback
291 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Josie McCall has trained to be a soldier since the age of five. Her father runs an elite
mercenary training school, but she does not want to follow in his footsteps. For once in
her life she wants to live like a normal person.  She has enrolled in college and even
tried to date, but no one affects her like her father’s new partner, Nitro. Too bad Nitro
hates her.

Daniel Black Eagle, aka Nitro, is a highly trained mercenary. He has just become
partners with Tyler McCall and looks forward to a new career. He is disappointed to
learn that Josie will no longer be at the facility. She has been all that he can think of
since their last mission.

When the mercenary school is blown up and Josie’s father disappears from the
hospital, Josie and Nitro team up to find him. Nitro is determined to protect Josie as
well, not letting her out of his sight.

This is a very exciting romance novel, full of action and suspense. The love scenes are
intense and very well written. The two main characters are very sympathetic. Josie is a
woman who feels she does not fit in anywhere, and Nitro is a soldier determined to be
on his own. The supporting characters are vivid, quirky and really add to the story. I am
looking forward to the next one.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance