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ISBN# 9781933836348
February 2008
Medallion Press
510 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Davis Jamison has been told by his late granddaddy, Edgar, to "protect the records". He is unaware there is a cryptic meaning behind these words until a historian, going over the ledgers and records, unlocks a very important secret that could ruin the family.

Doctor Barrett Browning is a historian who was asked by Edgar Jamison to categorize all the correspondence and important papers at the Windswept Plantation. Barrett's goal is to garner an important position at the university. She is confident that her data collection and research efforts at Windswept Plantation will gain her the position she seeks. She already knows that the records are priceless, and after Edgar dies, she urges his grandson, Davis, to allow her to stay on and categorize the extensive ledgers and papers.

Barrett is stunned when she unravels a secret, one that could potentially ruin this powerful family. Barrett and Davis are not the only parties involved here, and cousin Lloyd is adamant about keeping the secret…and making sure Barrett does not reveal it. Barrett's involvement, however, is now far more personal than she had ever planned. Her proximity to Davis has led to a budding relationship. Davis, for his part, is torn between the woman he has grown to love, and family loyalty.

This engaging mystery has a way of wrapping itself around the reader and holding tight through every page. I love how "Windswept" keeps the reader spellbound! There is intrigue woven into every journal entry, and even though the romance and heated passion between Davis and Barrett simmers slowly, it gradually builds. This is a book which grows ever more suspenseful with each turn of events. Ann Macela delivers a magnificently well written tale that delights. When Davis and Barrett come to an understanding regarding both the Windswept papers, and their feelings for each other, I was deeply touched. This is a whirlwind romance that really delivers.

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