ISBN: 1-59836-103-1
January 2006
Titan Press
161 Pages

Opal Wisecarver was promised the Wisecarver house, land, and business. It was a
property deemed to her, yet her father just wagered and lost it in a card game. She
does not understand how her drunken father could stake her property and lose to a
gangster. Now she must decide to stay on the estate with Johnny, the gangster, or hope
her lost love Ben will return.

Johnny “Legs” Lorran is rumored to be a gangster and a murderer. When he meets
Opal he wants to get to know her a lot better. She is a lovely lady but hard to get close
to. He must prove to her that even though he won the bet on her land, his intentions
toward her are quite honorable.

Ben Gardner walked out on Opal. It is rumored that men like him give gangsters a bad
name, but he intends to help with the raids on the speakeasies. When he re-enters Opal’
s life, he hopes she will accept his proposal over Johnny’s.

Opal feels that because of her size she will never find a husband, since men wish
smaller women. Her love, Ben, left her with no explanation. When dangerous Johnny
steps into her path, there is something between them but, she fears the rumors behind
his racketeering. After Ben arrives and tries to force his attentions on her, promising
marriage after a quick sample, she refuses. Now the three find themselves in a mishap
of events that could cost them their lives. Opal must follow her heart and keep her
property - even if it means marriage to Johnny.

Winning Opal's Heart is a story that draws you immediately into the action and drama.
Ms. Snyder craftily pens believable characters with a convincing storyline. I enjoyed the
way the heroine was determined to do what was right and was not some pencil thin
female. The story is bold and engaging and, at times, brought a few tears. It was a good

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books