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ISBN#: 9781601543738
April 28, 2009
The Wild Rose Press
189 pages
Historical English Tea Rosebud
Rating: 4 Cups

Elizabeth C’ de Baca Bouvier was not looking forward to any business dinner or delivering a welcome speech. Traveling back to the days of King Henry VIII was an added bonus.

Philip Radcliffe meets the lovely Beth in the costume shop. When he finds his life transported back into time with her, he never imagined a love so grand.

Needing a costume for the upcoming event, Beth enters a costume shop. While trying on some costume dresses, Beth feels the air being cut from her from the constricting laces on the dress. In no time, she spins into darkness, only to wake in the year 1531. To enlighten matters further, she is being escorted to a party by Philip Radcliffe and introduced to King Henry VIII. It finally dawns on her that Philip is the nice, young man at the costume shop. She believes it is all a party, or a gala event with actors, but after meeting Anne Boleyn, things become dangerous, and Philip insists Beth be cautious. Can she and Philip return home before they lose their heads?

I have to say, With Love, King Henry VIII is an exciting adventure that swept this reader into the year 1531 and all the surroundings. It was fascinating watching the two bond and form a lovely relationship. I could almost see the expressions on Beth’s face each time she was confronted with Anne Boleyn. The jealously of Anne was predominate throughout the story. I enjoyed watching Beth in the era, listening to her speak as if she were still in the present day. I thought it was a good visual, and written so well, one can get a good feel of the expressions that light up in the story. Helen Pilz pens a brilliant tale well worth the read.

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