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ISBN# 1-59998-166-1
November 2006
Samhain Publishing, LTD.
Price Unavailable
413 Pages
Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Rating: 3 Cups

Nine friends attend Dragon Con in Atlanta and will soon be living out their fantasies. The nine girls have always fantasized about the TV show, Domain. Each dreams of meeting all the Domain actors. All the girls are trying to work through personal problems, and figure a fan group weekend at Dragon Con is just what they need.

On Domain, the Goddess Reyah is disgusted with her nine sons and their behavior. They are the Vanyr and should show dignity. Instead, her son Deryk threatens the entire planet of Domain. Reyah is worried Deryk will call the Demon Witch Megeara and Domain will be destroyed. She can only hope that her remaining sons can come together with the daughters Reyah has chosen to save Domain.

The nine friends are at Dragon Con wishing upon a wish stone to be taken to Domain, and are shocked when they are transported there. The girls meet the Sons of Reyah and each is attracted to a different one of the sons. Reyah hopes this attraction will bring her sons together with the daughters she has chosen. The girls are shocked to realize they are no longer at Dragon Con and are actually in Domain. They are giddy with the excitement of being a part of Domain, until they realize they might not survive the coming battle.

Ms. Smith and Ms. Ward have written an epic fantasy novel. It was sometimes hard to follow the characters, as there were so many involved in this book, but once you get all the characters straight you are taken into a wonderful fantasy world. The excitement builds as we wait to see if indeed the nine chosen will become the Daughters of Reyah. Ms. Smith has left a legacy that Ms. Ward will hopefully continue.

Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books