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ISBN# (10): 0-06-125255-7 / (13): 978-0-06-125255-6
July 2007
Harper (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
416 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Doctor Anya Crichton is a pathologist and forensic physician. Not long after Geoffrey is released from prison, she is called upon a case surrounding a serial rapist. It is up to her to find the real guilty party.

Geoffrey Willard served twenty years for his crime and now he is free. He did not show any remorse during the court trial, and now the judicial system has released the pedophile back into the community.

Anya begins a search on a trail of a serial rapist not long after Geoffrey is released from prison, leaving a cloud of suspicion around him. Since he served time for the brutal rape and murder of a young fourteen-year-old girl, his release prompts pointing fingers in his direction. Geoffrey is glad to finally have his freedom after all those years. He goes to see his mother who was forced to leave her home because of his actions. Now things are different. He has a place to stay but he is not happy with the situation. Twenty years behind him has made him a bit annoyed with matters. His mother observes how he ogles innocent women in their underwear in a sales paper, only twenty-four hours after his release. She wonders has he become worse. Things do not get better once he is released, when a rape occurs and two victims are stabbed to death. Anya’s forensic evidence leads her to believe Geoffrey could be innocent. The more she probes into the evidence; it makes her wonder if someone is framing Geoffrey. One thing is certain, she must make sure she is absolutely correct in all her findings. If Geoffrey is innocent, somebody is doing a good job to make him take the fall and perhaps it was the same way twenty years ago. Or perhaps he is really clever. Anya must unlock the truth before it is too late.

I found Without Consent a well-written read that kept me captivated. Anya is determined in all her actions and I like her attitude. The way Geoffrey behaved throughout the storyline kept me spellbound. I kept wondering was it Geoffrey or someone else? He often plays a dark part that keeps the reading guessing. I could almost visualize even the mother’s expressions. Kathryn Fox instills appealing characters that almost get into your head and it is hard to release them. She takes a great plot and creates a convincing story with all the right forensics to move at a fast pace and keep the reader puzzled until the conclusion. This thriller is intriguing.

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