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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN# (13) 978-0-7582-1569-7/(10) 0-7582-1569-X
July 2007
Aphrodisia/Kensington Publishing
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Lisa Quinn is drawn to wolves, and as a result of her connection with them she quits her job and moves to a preserve where she can be near them all the time. Most of her relationships have been with women, and women are the ones that she most connects with emotionally. However, when Tinker McClintock comes on the scene, that all changes. Truly attracted to a man for the first time in her life, Lisa is unsure what it is about him that is different.

Tinker McClintock is a black man in a white world. Raised by whites, he does not seem to fit in anywhere. However, that all changes when his Chanku heritage is revealed to him. When he discovers his gift of shifting into a wolf, his life is turned around. Suddenly he is not just a lone black man drifting, but Chanku, and a member of a pack. When he is asked to go to Lisa and inform her that she is also Chanku, he has no idea that his doing so will reveal to him his mate. However, Lisa triggers something in him that he was never really sure he would find, and convincing her of who she is is only the beginning.

When Lisa finally accepts that she is who Tinker says, she confides in him about her worries about the wolves in the sanctuary. Wolves are disappearing without a trace, and Lisa’s boss has forbidden her to go within the enclosures at night and commune with the wolves as she had been doing. Desperate to help those she now sees as cousins, she and Tinker try to figure out what is going on. Unable to discover exactly what is going on, Tinker brings in his two closest pack mates and lovers to help. But will Lisa be able to accept the fact that within the pack sex with pack mates when in human form is normal? Will she be able to overcome her dark past and accept Tinker and her pack mate’s love? Finally, can they keep the rest of the wolves safe?

Wolf Tales IV is a very hot and erotically charged book! Ms. Douglas did a great job of showing how hard it is for someone who is black that has been raised by whites to fit in with their own culture. I was really glad to see that Tinker found his place with the Chanku. Lisa, as the woman trying to discover who she really is, is very endearing, and her reaction to the first meeting with Tinker had me laughing out loud! The sex in this book is enough to light anyone’s fire, but there are deep love and emotional bonds there as well, which made the book that much more special. The author’s grasp of how to keep a story going with multiple characters is unsurpassed, in my estimation. It is my hope that Ms. Douglas will continue her Wolf Tales series for years to come!

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