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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN# (10): 0-7582-1871-0 /
(13): 978-0-7582-1871-1
July 1, 2008
Aphrodisia (Kensington Publishing)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
256 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eve Reynolds knows the identity of a Chanku is a closely guarded secret, and should not leak out. As a shapeshifter, she often cannot accept the gifts of shifting. She makes a grave mistake by leaving her love in Montana and heading to Tampa.

Adam Wolf misses Eve and wants her back. He never had so much ecstasy in his life. He decides to go to Tampa and bring her back to Montana, this time never allowing her to escape.

Eve likes her independence even though for the past three weeks she has desperately longed for Montana and Adam. She soon meets Mei Chen, and feels the girl could use some help. There is something mysterious about her. Adam takes his lover, Oliver, with him to Tampa to get Eve. The connection Adam felt for Eve drives him crazy and with Oliver’s help she will be his again. Oliver has been a good friend and lover to Adam, bringing him to the pack, when he found out Adam was the missing son of one of the newest Chanku. Eve is excited to see Adam and Oliver. Sensual thoughts of Adam, Oliver and Mei, triple, as Eve thinks on them entangled together. Oliver is pleased to meet Mei but she harbors a secret that could destroy her. It is the Chanku’s destiny but will Oliver and Mei be able to see they belong together before it is too late while Adam and Eve find the passion to last an eternity?

Powerful and intense, Wolf Tales VI is a fast-moving read keeping the reader on the edge. Eve is strong, and even though she desires independence, I liked how deep down she needs Adam. I love how Adam pursues her no matter what the circumstances. I could feel the loneliness that accompanies Oliver and was glad he was able to lean on Mei. The four make heated companions but the interest of Mei and Oliver is beautifully fashioned. Kate Douglas instills a great read. She knows how to turn a book into a flaming torch with robust characters that keep the audience practically salivating for more of her great works.

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