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ISBN#: 1-59998-847-X
January 2008
Samhain Publishing
214 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Teegan Warden has been living a half life since the death of her mate. She is a powerful werewolf and bodyguard under the command of her brothers the Alpha and Enforcer of the Cascadia Pack. She has finally decided to live again.

Ben Stoner is a detective and liaison between the humans and the werewolves in the area. He was once engaged but she was unfaithful. He has finally decided that he wants a steady relationship.

The werewolf mafia is trying to take over all of the Packs in the U.S. They have stolen the lycanthropy virus and are experimenting on humans. War is imminent. In these troubled times Teegan and Ben find each other.

I just love this series. The women are strong and interesting and the men very sexy and alpha. Ben might just be the most alpha of them all so far and he is human. Teegan’s awakening from mourning is very well written as is the D/S lifestyle portrayed here. There are scorching love scenes aplenty, but they add to rather than detract from the very exciting storyline. The evil Pellini is back and crazier than ever in his determination to rule all the wolves. Ms. Dane’s werewolf society is easily understood and very structured and consistent throughout this series. There is also a lot of suspense and some well handled violence. Ben also has some conflict in his own family from a highly bigoted and irrational mother. Teegan and her family handle the situation better than Ben, but I admired his standing up for Teegan. I enjoyed revisiting the characters from previous stories. This series is really heating up and I can not wait for the next story.

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