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ISBN#: 9781603941426
April 2008
New Concepts Publishing
108 Pages
Contemporary Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jamie MacGivern is a Lycant, bio-engineered to be the perfect killer. His existence was one of pain and torture until he finally gained his freedom. Now he lives the life of a highlander, almost completely self-sufficient.

Agent Allison Groves is transporting a prisoner when her plane crashes on the side of a mountain. Upon awakening she no longer knows who or where she is, only that the man taking care of her is stunning.

Jamie takes one look at the woman in the plane's wreckage, and feels a wealth of emotion he has never experienced. The need to have her mind, body, and soul is beyond his ability to deny. Not knowing her name, he calls her Mairi. He knows that she will be sought after by rescue crews, so he decides then and there to hide her away in his cave. Jaime falls in love with Mairi before she even regains consciousness, and upon her wakening that feeling only grows. Mairi feels nothing but complete and utter longing for the man who cares for her. Even after regaining her memory, she knows she can never go back, and claims Mairi as her name. Her people are determined to find her, however, and with them comes the evil that had tortured Jamie so long ago. Only with the help of the Guardian can Jamie keep Mairi safe, but will it be at the cost of his own survival?

The deep dark world of an alternate universe comes to life like no other. The scenery explodes in living color, immersing the reader in a verdant and lush mountain forest. You can feel the mist, and will long to walk through the mossy undergrowth. The characters are as equally developed, and both Jamie and Mairi will have you falling under their spell. Jamie is as tough as he is loving, and Mairi is his every fantasy. She pulls no punches, and even remembering her past, does not let that stand in the way of her heart. I enjoyed every aspect of this story, and will anxiously await more from this author!

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