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ISBN#: 9780373693160
March 2008
225 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Mass Market Paperback
212 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

When Shanna was invited on a hunting trip, she thought that she was going to get a promotion. But instead of hunting deer, they were hunting her and she does not know why.

Jace used to be a cop. That is until a man with lots of money and connections wanted to get away with murder and used him as a scapegoat. Now the ex-cop/con just wants to be left alone on his Wyoming ranch.

Something is not quite right at Talbot. In fact, it is wrong enough that the CEO and his friend the Sheriff will commit murder, among other crimes, to cover it up. A single mother and an ex-cop are the only things standing between Barstow and success.

This story literally starts out with a bang and the intensity does not let up until the end of the story. Shanna and Jace do not know who they can trust or if they can even trust each other. Both have reason to be wary. In Shanna’s case, it's her embezzling ex-husband, and in Jace’s case, his ex-partner. They are on the run throughout the story, increasing the drama. The setting lends itself well to the action and the dialogue is well done. The vividly drawn characters really make the story, particularly Shanna’s daughter Em, who will steal your heart as well as any scene she is in.

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