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Midnight County, Book #1
ISBN: 9781622420872
December 2012
Siren Publishing
87 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Ménage
Rating: 3 Cups

Abby Morgan is a receptionist in a doctor’s office. She has just recently broken up with a boyfriend and is at loose ends. She has not visited Midnight Creek since her family moved when she was fourteen.

Mitch and Taylor Beaumont are identical twins and werewolves. They do everything together and are looking for one woman to be their mate.

Midnight Creek is not your average small town. The residents are very special and a little alarming at times. Abby Morgan has not lived in the town since she was fourteen and has returned to settle her grandmother’s affairs and decide what to do with her inheritance. She learns her grandmother was not just the kindly old woman that she remembered, and her inheritance is much more than just a house and some cash.

This story has the potential to become a really interesting series. The characters are real and vividly drawn, and the main characters are very likable. The storyline is gripping but ends a bit abruptly, leaving the reader with more than a few loose ends to ponder over. I also wondered a bit at how little Abby remembered a place that she spent more than half of her life in. Fourteen year olds are a lot more perspicacious than the author gives them credit for, and I would be very surprised that she was not more aware of the quirks of the inhabitants. I come from a larger town than Midnight Creek and a pair of twins like the Beaumont brothers would definitely be memorable, yet Abby seems to not know anyone in the town, which I found strange. If these problems were cleared up and the ending more conclusive, the story would be much more enjoyable.

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