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ISBN #: 8-0-1-60777-106-7
January 2008
Ravenous Romance
200 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Jasmine is an overworked press person for a well respected Nebraska politician. She works 80 hour weeks, has not had a date in ages, or sex in two years. She is determined to get her boss re-elected.

Rodney Doyle is the owner/editor of the most controversial and edgy newspaper in Washington. He is handsome, powerful, and ruthless.

Jasmine Rand’s boss is known for being conservative and anti-homosexual, so when he is filmed in a very compromising position with another man in a known drug area, his career is in serious trouble. Jasmine is willing to do anything or anyone to keep herself and her boss in a job, but she cannot begin to imagine what Rodney Doyle will ask of her, or what it will cost her.

This is an inventive work of erotica with a wonderful story line that will keep the reader interested between sexual encounters. Jasmine blooms from a pudgy and frumpy workaholic, to a strong and confident dominatrix. Rodney learns humility, and that his newspaper will have to change a bit in the future. There are quite a few interesting plot twists in this story and the sex scenes are fascinating. Enjoy this one.

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