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Cera Raine Series
Book 1: A Chance of Rain

Cera Rain Series: Book 1
September 2015
215 pages
Crime, Romance, Futuristic, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5 Cups

Cera Raine, a beautiful and resourceful woman, was accused of her father’s murder, of which she denies, and has spent the last seven years in prison for it. An agent gives her an offer she cannot refuse. In exchange for her freedom from prison and an apartment, she will have to use her knowledge as a criminal to catch other criminals. The drawbacks? She has to follow orders and wear a modified shock collar which can be detonated if she gets out of line.

Nicholas Grafton, a hardworking agent for the police, has come up with a plan to use imprisoned criminals, with the aid of an adapted shock collar, to catch other criminals. The first test run of his plan happens to be the mystery behind the new street drug and his candidate is Cera, who he is warned is not opposed to using seduction to get what she wants. The more time he spends with Cera the more he has a hard time believing that she is guilty of her crime.

Nicholas’s plan to use a criminal to catch one seems to be paying off, but the more he learns about Cera the more his gut tells him the case against her was handled wrong, and he begins to look into it. Cera uses her street smarts and old connections to gain information, including planning a seduction or two. However, her quest for information might be dangerous to more than just her, especially when she re-gains the attentions of her ex-boyfriend who has come up in the criminal ranks.

Ms. O’Dell is a gifted story teller who manages to wow me no matter the genre she writes in. Even though the story falls under the sci-fi futuristic category, she does such a good job at world building you can jump right in and not feel lost. Both Nicholas and Cera are great characters who, even though they are total opposites, just might be the perfect complement to each other and I cannot wait to see how they develop over the series. This was an awesome read and a stellar start to a new series.

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