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November 30, 2015
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
55 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

With the holidays only days away, bad-girl soap actress Lacy Kennedy arrives in Spirit Lake, Alaska to spend time with her brother and his new family. Lacy is a shifter; her alternate earthly form being that of a wolf. Her life and her career is in Los Angeles, and her intention for this trip is to enjoy some snow and scenery only. It is not to find her soul mate and stay in Alaska.

The moment she meets Jackson Stone; however, she knows she is in trouble. Tall, handsome, and sinfully strong, Jackson just might be Lacy’s life mate. It is clear from their first meeting that Jackson feels the same way, too. If they bond, she is done for. She knows she has to resist the ultimate confirmation of their attraction for one another, but perhaps she can have some fun with this hunk of a shifter, who happens to be co-alpha of the clan of shifters along with her brother. The trick will be to make sure things do not go too far.

Unfortunately, as Lacy and Jackson spend more time in each other’s company, the more inevitable their eventual bonding becomes. Especially after she and Jackson help save a missing child by shifting and working together. Los Angeles and stardom is a lot to give up, but Lacy cannot help wondering if perhaps Christmas is a good time to rethink her priorities.

A Christmas Shift is a classic paranormal romance with intense lust and all that one would expect of a shifter story. Unfortunately, I failed to be inspired by the relationship between Lacy and Jackson. Its inevitability, I found, did not make for any tension or conflict, and it felt as though there was a larger story which begged to be fleshed out. Nonetheless, readers looking for a fast-paced shifter story will find exactly that, so I encourage fans of this genre to give it a try. It was not to my liking, but other readers might find that it is.

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