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ISBN# (10) 1780871368, (13) 9781780871363/(10)1623650224, (13) 9781623650223
September 24, 2013
Jo Fletcher Books
384 Pages
Suspense, horror
Rating: 3 Cups

Cass feels that the best thing for her and her son after the loss of her husband is to move to a pleasant small town where she spent a happy period of time. Even though some of the people act rude and strange, for the most part it seems like a good idea. She just wishes her son would not act out and things would go a little smoother. Hopefully life will calm down soon.

Theo is the charming headmaster that notices Cass and her son, and wants to help. But that is only on the surface. He has much more sinister ideas in mind, but he has to win her trust before they can come to fruition.

After losing her husband, Cass decides to move back to a town that holds good memories from her past. Her son has withdrawn since his father's death and she hopes living in a nice small town will help him recover. Unfortunately, the town seems strange and somewhat creepy and her son starts acting more strange, but she convinces herself that she is overreacting. Thankfully, the handsome headmaster at her son's school offers to help as her utilities begin to shut down as well. Will she figure out what is causing all these strange occurrences and help her son have a normal life?

The atmosphere in this story is well written. The suspense and creepiness are high throughout this book, leaving the reader with chills. At first it starts a bit slow, but within a few chapters it really rolls into a fast paced horror story that is chilling without being gory. As the story progresses the reader becomes frustrated with Cass's continued cluelessness to the oddities happening around her, some of them that are obvious to the reader. Overall, her cluelessness helps keep the story flowing to a surprising ending. This is a decent horror story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

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