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ISBN: 10: 9780767931731/ 13: 978-0767931731
October 19, 2010
Anchor Books/Random House
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau was born to an Indian mother, Sacagawea, while his father Charbonneau was a French trapper turned translator. He was born during the great Lewis and Clark Expedition. He had advantages of learning the Indian ways and the ways of the white man as well as the French.

As Jean-Baptiste grows into a young man he loses his mother to death and his father to his drinking ways. But he manages to accept and continue to learn about many things around him. He soon meets Duke Paul Wilhelm of Wurttemberg, who is in America gathering information and artifacts. He offers Jean-Baptiste the chance to go back to Europe with him to learn of a world so different than his own.

Jean-Baptiste accepts the offer and sets off for lands unknown. He is in for not only culture shock, but learning just how different the worlds and cultures of the 1800’s were. The people he meets in Europe, as well as what he has learned in the United States, shaped this man into who he became and influences the choices he makes along his journey.

Across The Endless River is a historical lover’s book. This book is another version of the Lewis and Clark expedition in one part and travels to Europe in another. The great detail that goes into describing what Jean–Baptiste sees is eye-opening. What a great way to tie fiction and fact together hand in hand.

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