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Unforgiven, Book 1
ISBN# 9781614958796
16 February 2013
Silver Stream Press
147 Pages
Action/Adventure Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Emmaline is a young girl given to the emperor who has to educate her. Instead, he asks her to have his son’s child within the year she lives there, or she is to return home. When she does not conceive a child, she is sent somewhere else, not the home she expects. At only eighteen, she has had to grow up fast and think on her feet. Can she find love in this new world?

Rowan sees a beautiful, strong woman and, deciding to save her life, he asks to keep her from his emperor. Getting to know her on their way to his home, Rowan falls in love with her. He realizes that her life will not be easy considering she is not from their land and is an outsider. Rowan is a kind and loving man, who lets his heart guide him.

Betrayed by the emperor she has been loyal to, Emmaline is sent to live in a place she has only heard of. Now being different makes her someone to be feared, so she will have to use her brain if she is going to survive.

This book has been fun and light romance. The only problem I have is that Emmaline and Rowan do not seem to have a lot of chemistry together. I enjoy how grown up Emmaline is compared to others around her, no matter how difficult the situation is. I enjoy how understanding Rowan is and how he lets her adjust to him rather than demand from her. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

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